The 1960s and 1970s were a time of Camelot for Alabama Football. The "Bear" roamed the sidelines on endless Saturdays leading Alabama to victory after victory. Fans could almost always count on ringing in New Year's Day while watching their favorite coach and favorite team battling for a Championship. No opposing coach and no opposing university could escape the sea of crimson that lay in store. No team was immune, not the Nittany Lions, not the Razorbacks, not the Cornhuskers and certainly not the hated Tigers. It seemed as if it would never end.

Upon the unexpected announcement of the retirement of the greatest football coach ever, followed shortly there after by his sudden and untimely death in 1983 a Crimson Nation mourned. The unexpected had actually occurred, Alabama had lost the "Bear".

Roger Hallmark was the artist on the 1983 Smash Hit: "Bear". The song so captured the feelings and emotions of Alabama fans, that it became probably the greatest single tribute to Coach Bryant. Other songs such as Alabama Memories, #315, I've got Alabama On My Mind, The Tide's Hot and Perkin' and The Saga of The Super Moose (The Italian Stallion) make this CD an undiscovered treasure.

Greatness, Class and Pride never go out of style. We hope you enjoy Alabama Football Songs. RTR!

Track List:
  1. Bear (C. Jones, M. Lantrip) 3:27
  2. I've Got Alabama On My Mind (R. Hallmark) 3:18
  3. The Tide's Hot And Perkin' (C. Jones, M. Lantrip) 3:10
  4. Oh Alabama (R. Wright, C. Jones) 3:10
  5. Ray's Just Rollin' With The Tide (C. Jones, M. Lantrip) 2:18
  6. Alabama Memories (C. Jones, M. Lantrip) 2:51
  7. Saga Of The Super Moose (C. Jones, K. Wallis) 2:00
  8. Rammer Jammer, Yellow Hammer (R. Lucky, C. Jones) 2:52
  9. AP's Poll Went Bear (R. Hallmark, C. Jones) 2:41
  10. #315 (C. Jones, M. Lantrip) 2:14
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